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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have not bought a trailer for towing a car on before and often ask the same sensible questions. Here I have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and offer some advice on what you may wish to ask the competition when comparing products!

Are you Members of any Professional body?

Yes! We are proud to be full members of both the National Caravan Council, the Federation of Small Business and the National Trailer & Towing Association. We believe we are the only company in the market of both Trailers and towing A-Frames who have such professional accreditation.
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Are your trailers made to fit only the Smart?

NO. Despite our name Smart-Trailers are available for ANY vehicle. However we pride ourselves in supplying Smart-Trailers that are designed and built to fit your car correctly. We will NOT try to sell you the nearest "standard fit" mass produced trailer.

What is the weight of a Smart-Trailer and the weight of a Small tow car?

Smart-Trailers weigh approximately 300Kg, depending upon its actual final specification, a Smart fortwo approximately 750kg, depending upon fitted options, a Toyota Aygo 850kg and a Fiat 500 930kg. Total towable weights would therefore be just over the metric tonne.

What are the differences between the trailers you offer and their options?

Both the XCountry and Brooklands use the same chassis, axle and hitch. The XCountry has ramps that store in the middle of the trailer underneath the car while the Brooklands has simple glide out ramps that slide from the trailer bed directly under the cars wheels. The Brooklands is much easier to use with no lifting out of ramps.

Are Smart-Trailers competitive?

Very, on a like for like comparison! Smart-Trailers are manufactured at a site in the midlands, where much of the UK's manufacturing industry resides. Unlike some of our competition we do not go in for high tech glass and alloy buildings on expensive estates. There is a small unit in an out of town industrial estate with low overheads. Much of the machinery is bought and paid for. We do not indulge in expensive advertising or glossy brochures! = Maximum Derived Value.
We prefer to pass the savings on to you.

Why do you use such high specification hitches, axles, wheels and tyres?

We now offer AL-KO Kober components on our basic models, using an AL-KO axle and a pressed steel hitch. AL-KO Kober are probably the largest German manufacturer of trailer components, since 1931 they have been manufacturing premium, high quality components. These components compete favourably with other trailer manufacturer's and allows us to be unbeatable in terms of maximum derived value.

Can I open both doors of my smart car when it is on the trailer?

Yes! We mount the trailer spare wheel well forward on the chassis where it does not interfere with the opening of either door on the smart car. You can also mount the spare wheel on either side of the trailer to suit your preference. You can also mount a spare smart car wheel on the other side of the trailer and neither will stop you from fully opening the car doors!

Why do you use pre-galvanised steel?

We believe that pre-galv gives a better finish than hot dip. The manufacturing process "wipes" the galv across any punched holes and results in a better standard of construction.
It is our view that hot dip distorts manufactured parts, leaves a non-uniform finish and the heat shock could weaken the fold lines leading to cracking with age.

Why don't you fit a winch as standard?

In discussion with our customers we have found that all car owners tend to drive their cars on and off the trailer. Only our customers with veteran or vintage cars use a winch. Hence we do not fit one as standard thus saving you money.
However, we can fit one at any time, as an option, in 15 to 20 minutes if you require.

Do I need special straps for securing my car?

Smart-Trailers can supply heavy duty ratchet straps with hooks on each end. These straps comprise a soft eye "choker" that pulls across the face of the wheel allowing the body of the strap to form a tight cradle around each wheel. Soft eye chokers avoid the possibility of damage to alloy wheels that can occur when there are metal fittings on chokers! Recommended.

What do you mean by "forward loading"?

The Smart fortwo has its engine at the back. Ordinary trailers tend to have their axles in the centre of the bed. Putting a smart car on an ordinary trailer will mean that too much of the smart cars weight is too far back leading to light or negative nose weight that will affect the handling of the trailer - snaking. Some people try to overcome this problem by reversing the smart car onto the trailer - this will alleviate the problem but is hardly convenient. All Smart-Trailers are designed from the outset with the axle positioned correctly to balance the Centre of Gravity of the car with the nose weight of the trailer (50kg to 100kg max), thus allowing forward loading plus safe, easy and legal towing.

Are you connected with the products of Bantam Trailers Ltd dissolved 02/07/2013 or Bantam Trailers Ltd dissolved 05/01/2010 ?

No. These previous incarnations of Bantam Trailers traded products of which we at HMB Leisure Ltd are not connected. HMB Leisure has incorporated a new company Bantam Trailers Ltd on 4th July 2013 which is unconnected with 04778268 or 07147114.

Can I use a Towing A-Frame instead of a trailer, is it legal?

Yes, of course you can. Please see our sister brand www.Smart-Tow.com where the current legal position is fully explained.

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